Cezanne, The eye and the mind

Texte : Pavel Machotka

Traduction en français : Joëlle Naïm

Cardboard and film-coated case, format 22 cm x 32 cm containing 2 books to consult together:
- 1 book of color reproductions, flexible and film-coated cover, 232 pages, 450 tables
- 1 book of texts referring to tables, soft cover and film-coated, 280 pages

Editorial director : Pavel Machotka

French version : Cezanne, La sensation à l'oeuvre

29,00 €

Résumé de l'ouvrage

This work is to date the most complete and the most penetrating ever devoted to Cezanne. It consists of two volumes, one referring to the other. Volume 1 presents color reproductions of all the works analyzed and commented on in Volume 2, where we also find the corresponding illustrations in small black and white format. References and indexes allow you to move from one to the other and identify the crucial subjects for understanding Cezanne's work.